When you need a break from your everyday life, the ultimate escape is to hike in the Great Outdoors. Exploring nature and wildlife, taking long walks, and winding down is ideal to maintain a healthy and livable lifestyle. Hiking is a good exercise for practically anyone and everyone.

 As any seasoned camper would tell you, hiking unprepared can have major consequences. Factors such as seasonality, weather, and camping gear have to be considered thoroughly to ensure that proper measures are taken into account.

 Even for a simple hike, you need a pair of comfortable sports attire and hiking boots that can support your hiking journey - including unexpected weather, muddy puddles, and river crossings. The weather can be unpredictable, especially in New Zealand, hence, essential camping gear have to be prioritised before any hike.

Camping Gear on Your Hiking Checklist:

Functionality is the key feature for your camping gear. From simple essentials like a first aid kit and multifunctional knife to bigger items like camping tents and sleeping bags, each item proves to be worthy in any hike.

 To save your time and effort, we have gathered a non-exhaustive list of important items to bring on any hike:

●    Hiking backpack (waterproof)

A hiking bag is perfect to store your valuable items such as your dry clothes, electronics and others. To ensure your dry-wet bag is sealed watertight, fold down the roll top closure at least three times. When you are going for any water sport activities - kayaking, paddling, surfing, or even camping - a waterproof hiking backpack is ideal to prevent your valuable items from getting wet.

 In times of emergency, the dry waterproof hiking back can be a substitute for a floating device that can help you stay afloat in the water with its vivid colours. It can help keep your electronics dry and prevent it from contact with water.

 Alternatively, if you wish to opt for a larger and more functional backpack in terms of its size, this Hiking Backpack Lightweight 45L could be a great option.

 Weighing less than 2kg, it certainly looks more bulky compared to its size. With the second-generation CR lightweight comfortable bear technology, it consists of wearable technology that increases comfort while providing critical function for optimum usage.

It contains an upgraded 3D ventilation on the shoulder strap, providing more comfort during hiking activities while also tailoring its design to favor a wider waist area. The waist divider allows you to easily tighten the backpack depending on the function while still providing you with an option.

●    Portable camping shower

If you are going hiking or camping in the wilderness, it is important to stay clean with our Portable Camping Shower. It is designed for its functional nature - lightweight and easy to use.

 As opposed to conventional camping showers that hang from above, this new and improved technology allows it to sit firmly on the ground, delivering water not only to clean yourself up but to clean other valuable items such as washing dishes, cleaning your pet, rinsing items, etc.

 There is no need for any battery or electricity as water is delivered directly through the hose by pressure. As it sits firmly on the ground, it is pressurised by an integrated foot pump, generating pressure to deliver water as needed without external help. It is highly portable and easy to use. You can camp wherever and not have to worry about your showering situation. It is all planned out for optimal usage.

 Besides our classic portable camping shower, you can also check out our portable folding water bucket. This can help prevent pollution from directly washing any liquid into rivers and lakes. This can provide a hygienic avenue for your hiking experience. It weighs only 0.13kg and this foldable water bucket can easily be carried into the wilderness to make clean up and cooking easy!

 Besides the sole purpose of dishwashing, you can use this sink to purify water for bathing and other uses! It is versatile and easy to carry.

●    Camping Lights

This portable rechargeable inductive headlamp is a must-have especially if you are planning to hike overnight or in the early morning. It is both durable and waterproof - hence, you do not have to worry about submerging it in water or destroying it. It can defy many external forces, hence, it is a good value for money.

 When you are using your headlamp over and over, you never know when they will need replacing. Always keep an extra set of batteries. Most headlamps require Triple AAA Batteries, hence, make sure to pack up and prepare!

●    Sleeping mat

This inflatable push sleeping mat is innovative and creative in sight. It offers comfortable cushioning and it is certainly a good choice in terms of accessibility and weight.

 Due to its lightweight comfort and optimal cushioning, many outdoor enthusiasts are quick to compliment this product. Free of bulky materials, the sleeping mat packs to the size of a 1-litre water bottle - easy to store and carry. Minimal space is needed for such an important camping gear.

 The built-in pump allows you to inflate the sleeping mat whenever and wherever. With its easy-to-assemble option, you simply open the inflatable mouth and press the mat repeatedly to build yourself a home for the night. When the mat is filled with air, you can fall asleep soundly without any worries.

●    Sleeping bag

This lightweight and compact sleeping bag offers plenty of room for you to turn and stretch and even to snuggle in for the night for a sounding sleep. With its affordable price and functional nature, it will keep you comforted during your entire hike. 

 The zipper zips all the way to the bottom - allowing this single envelope sleeping bag to be opened up completely for use as a blanket, or zips to a second bag to create a double-wide bed for 2 travellers.

●    Inflatable Travel Pillow

This ultra lightweight inflatable travel pillow serves as the best option for most hikers. Not only does it take up minimal space, it is also ultra lightweight. This inflatable travel pillow provides comfortable head support for campers and hikers on the move.

 It is certainly easy to carry and complements the inflatable sleeping mat.

●    Lightweight tent

The Illumina X Ultralight Hiking Tent is a strong contender for the category of ultralight hiking tents under 2kg by Novapro Sports. With its waterproof and double layer feature, this lightweight tent ensures functionality and accessibility during your hike. With its high quality material and strong light fabric, it is recommended for any hikers - from beginner to advanced.

 Some reviews mentioned that this particular tent defied strong winds and rains during one of our customer’s camping trips. The inner section of the tent remained warm and dry despite the unpleasant weather.

 Nothing can go wrong with a lightweight, accessible and easy-to-assemble lightweight tent. It is certainly value for money compared to smaller and less functional tents. It is truly a go-to lightweight tent for valuable camping gear.

●    Foldable camping table

Foldable and easy to transport camping utensils is critical for any hiking adventures. This Foldable Camping Table offers features made out of aluminum alloy bracket, nylon mesh desktop and double water cup storage configuration.

 With its ultralight and portable nature, any hiker will not go wrong with this camping gear.

●    Food and snacks

Obvious, but always pack food and snacks. Pack what works for you. Some people like bars, some like sandwiches, there are no real rules.

 Quick snacks such as clif bars, complete cookies, and lara bars are recommended - it should be easy to eat and easy to carry! Depending on how much time ahead for preparation, you can make an extensive variety of food and snacks to-go!

Photography by: Tido Home

Final Thoughts

 Whether you are an advanced hiker or a beginner, there are certain camping gear that are critical for your hike. To have a good hiking experience, we have provided a list of camping gear that are necessary. Factors such as seasonality, weather, and camping gear have to be considered thoroughly to ensure that proper measures are taken into account.

As any seasoned camper would tell you, hiking unprepared can have major consequences. Make sure to come prepared and all the best with your hiking experience. Visit our page at Novapro Sports for more information regarding our products. We want to ensure that you are provided with optimal hiking experience with essential camping gear! Come prepared and stay safe. Ultimately, you should aim to have fun on your hiking trip.


1.   What do you need for camping?

It ultimately depends on where you are going, for how long, whether you are hiking with anyone else (and if so, how experienced they are), how I’m getting there, what the weather forecast is, and other essential factors to keep in mind.

Despite the factors that come into play, there are critical materials that you have to bring. The general rule is to pack as light as you can, while bringing all the necessary requirements (some of which we’ve mentioned above).

2.   What are the best camping hacks?

  • Think about the wind. You want to be sheltered from it, if possible.
  • Baby wipes. You’ll need them!
  • Always bring extra tent stakes. Bad weather, unexpected consequences can come when you are deep in the New Zealand wilderness. If it rains, make sure to have enough shelter to protect yourself.

3.   Should you camp by yourself?

Only if it is absolutely necessary! Although there are a few benefits to camping by yourself, you should always camp with a partner for safety purposes.

4.   What are the best camping foods?

If you are doing real backpacking you need to approach it from the perspectives of weight, spoilage, nutrition and ease of preparation.

 Here are some food that I love during hikes:

  • Dried anything (Jerky/vegetables/fruits) - Very light and can be re-hydrated and incorporated into meals.
  • Masa (Corn flour - mix with water, salt, and a little oil to a pliable dough. Fry it in a pan and make your own tortillas)
  • Instant refried beans - (Serve with cheese and tortillas)

5.   Why should I hike?

The beauty of hiking is that unlike, say, land luge, it's an extension of something we all do naturally and every day. You will improve over time but the initial learning curve is almost non-existent. It’s easy to stick with hiking because the frustration level for beginners is low and you can control the intensity of your workout and find the pace that works for you.

 We all spend too much time on computers and indoors under fluorescent lights. Or texting and watching TV (often texting while watching TV). Hiking encourages you to step away from your desk and step back out into nature. It can help clear your mind and help you navigate your focus on bigger, brighter things. It can help you view the world in a different lense.

 As you get older, you may not get up a mountain as quickly. Or cover 20 miles in a day. But in many ways, you’ll be a better hiker. Your understanding of the environment will improve and you’ll pick up more details and nuance along the trail.

6.   My tent gets muddy inside, what should I do?

Put a plastic tarp on the ground under the tent. It should match the “footprint” of the tent so that it doesn't gather rainwater.

 This groundsheet protects the floor of your tent from stones, sticks, and general wear and tear.

 Use an old towel or small piece of carpet as a doormat for wiping off feet before entering the tent. Remove your shoes before entering the tent. This helps keep the tent floor and sleeping bags clean.

 Clean your tents regularly to ensure that you live in an environment that is both livable and healthy for your well being. Even if you are simply staying overnight, it is essential to ensure hygiene in your surroundings - the best way to ensure that your space is clean is to clean your area!