Star River 2 - 1.9kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Grey


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Star River 2 - 1.9kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Grey

The Star River 2 - 1.9kg Ultralight Hiking Tent is an excellent option for campers and backpackers who require high quality and the lightest weight. Setting up this tent couldn't be easier, as it can stand independently, or you can set it up using simple trekking poles. The dry entry vestibule is perfect for those rainy days as the tent wide doors on the front and back of each door protect the gears from the elements. In addition, you can also find two windows on either side of the tent to provide excellent ventilation during those warm nights out there!

Are you seeking an escape from those pesky insects? This four-season camping tent comes with an insect-proof nylon mesh inner tent too. Whether you need it for outdoors like cycling or fishing or want to use it during recreation like hiking and overnight hikes, this multifunctional hiking tent will be the perfect partner every time.

Quick Summary of Important Features:

  • 2 Man Tent
  • Only 1.9kg Total Weight (excluding footprint)
  • Double Layer Tent
  • 4 Season Tent
  • Waterproof Tent
  • Freestanding Tent
  • 2 Doors Tent
  • Comfortable and spacious for 2 person

Other Features:

  • Dry Entry Vestibule
  • Fast & Easy to Pitch
  • Insect Proof Mesh inner tent
  • 20D Nylon Fabric
  • Alpine, Cycling, Base Camping, Leisure, Fishing, Thru-Hiking, Backpacking, Overnight Hikes, Family camping, etc
  • Free Bonus Footprint (Custom sized for your tent)

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Please note measurements and weight we show below are only estimates. Pole, pegs, ropes, and other accessories and attachment to tent colours may different depending on production batches.

Model No.

Best Use Hiking, Camping, Backpacking, Trekking
Seasons 4 Season
Sleeping Capacity 2 Person
Design Type Freestanding Tent
Total Pack Weight 1.9kg (excluding footprint)
Packed Size 15.7(L) x 5.1(W) x 5.1(H) inches
Number of Doors 2
Waterproof Index

Tent Fly: PU4000mm

Inner Tent: PU4000mm

Tent pole 7001 Aluminum Alloy

Tent Fly: 20D Nylon, Silicone-Coated

Inner Tent: 20D Nylon, Silicone-Coated, B3 Breathable Mesh

Bottom Tent: 20D Nylon, Silicone-Coated

Poles: 7001 Aluminum

Accessories: Duraflex Buckles, Aluminum Nails

Star River Lightweight Hiking Tent

Today, if you visit the online marketplace, you will see thousands of options for tents, which all claim to be excellent at their jobs. The reality is, many advertisers are falsely advertising man hiking tents, and the product you receive is nowhere close to the actual one. That changes with this Star-River tent. If you are looking for a lightweight hiking tent that can take a beating, there is no reason to look further. You will get one of the most memorable and the best hiking experiences ever. Scroll down to check all the great features of this best hiking tent.

Lightweight Design

Although they are named backpacking tents, they do tend to get pretty heavy nowadays. That makes them difficult to carry, and you have to handle the extra strain on your neck and shoulders. This Star-River hiking tent goes in the opposite direction. We have created a product that will cause close to zero stress on your neck and is extremely easy to use and set up with no compromises on features. That is all possible, thanks to the lightweight.

At a weight of a mere 2.1 kg, manufacturers designed this quality tent for your convenience. You can compare this with the companion pro hiker, one of the most lightweight hiking tents on the market, and our product beats it by 0.2 kg. It can be taken anywhere, to any camping place you want, and you will not notice it until you need it.

That is something a very few manufacturers on the market have achieved, and we at Star-River are proudly among them. With its compact design, you will save more space inside the tent, along with all of the extra weight you don’t have to carry, which is a huge plus. As this tent comes in its compression bag, you will not have to worry about packing it up. You can carry you with it. An average person will love this feature because nobody wants to stuff their tent in a bag, with other belongings, where they risk getting torn.

Insect Proof Design

When manufacturers try to create ultra-lightweight tents, they make several compromises to reach their desired weight. And they are still slightly heavier than the advertised weight. They give up on adding a no see um mesh to protect you from the different kinds of insects you can find in the wild. That is not the case with our product. Thanks to a durable nylon mesh, no insect will be able to enter the tent, which will allow you to get a proper sleep before you head on to your next adventure!

These insects can get quite dangerous. Apart from the common mosquitoes and flies, nature has many surprises in store for you. It is better to be fully protected, which will ensure that there will be no risk of those pesky little things entering your tent. You will never have to use sleeping bags for the same purpose again for those who use sleeping bags to protect themselves!

Designed to Accommodate Two People

That is not one of those two-person tents that claim to be designed for two people but are practically usable only by one. Thanks to the efforts of our people here at Star-River, this two-person tent will give you and a fellow camper more than ample interior space to rest when needed most. You can rest assured that there is enough room for you to toss and turn as much as you want, inside the tent, without waking up the other person.

In case of emergencies, you can use this 2 person tent to fit one more person there. Yes, the experience will not be great, as manufacturers designed this for two ordinary people, but you may be able to use the internal space to fit up to three people. The comfort level will go down, but it is more than usable. It can also be used as a single person tent if you like to adventure solo, and at that time, you will have an unparalleled comfortable experience.

Easy to Setup

Camping tents with full-fledged features are not that easy to set up. That is a time-consuming process, which will not be appreciated by those who need immediate shelter from the rain or the cold weather, which is common during overnight hiking. Star-River’s free-standing tent is here to help you out.

With it being the best lightweight hiking tent available to buy right now, you may have already predicted that setting it up will be quick, easy, and convenient. You could even use simple trekking poles to stand this tent up, so you can spend some time in it. All you need do is that you need to find a stable ground level to place this backpacking tent, and you should be good to go.

Designed to Handle Severe Weather

Hiking tents are nothing if they are not able to survive severe weather conditions. The manufacturers have engineered Star-River’s best-hiking tent to handle all sorts of weather anomalies. Now, you cannot expect it to work in a thunderstorm, but whether it be strong winds or heavy rain, there is nothing better than this backpacking tent providing you with more protection than ever.

This backpacking tent will endure all four seasons. Whether it be the scorching sun above you or the chilly weather, this product will hold itself and protect against nature’s elements. With it being one of the best hiking tents in New Zealand, you can rest assured that other tents, no matter how lightweight they are, will not be able to handle weather as good as this one. The tent will hold itself stable with a two-pole tunnel construction, even when the weather gets pretty intense. You can also use guy ropes or reflective guy ropes if you want a steady tent.

The tent also uses high-quality nylon. This type of nylon also has excellent water resistance. It has a waterproof rating of 4000mm, which is fantastic. This rating is so good that water will be able to roll right off. Worrying about rain is a thing of the past with this fantastic tent. Even heavy rain will not be able to enter the premises of this tent. But it is still advised to find proper shelter in cases like these. Before you ask, no, there is not a separate coating, which you could wipe off. That is built into the fabric so that the resistance will remain.

Improved Ventilation

Yes, this is indeed true that our tent has not one but two doors. That allows for better ventilation and also allows for easy access and get out. Many other features allow for improved ventilation and overall better airflow. The tent includes a rollable rain fly, which means that you can let in the fresh air. The inner mesh also has a breathable design, allowing fresh air all of the time.

Perhaps the best way to have ventilation is to have a dedicated window. This lightweight hiking tent has two windows, ensuring that there will always be air transfer. You will not have to worry about the condensation build-up and stepping out just because it gets harder to breathe. These are all concerns of the past, should you choose to get this lightweight tent.

Extra Space for Storage

One common complaint with hiking tents is that they don’t have any arrangement for storing dirty gear. That includes shoes and dirty clothes. Campers have to bring them in a tent, which is not sanitary and decreases your space. Well, this tent has solved that problem too.

With large vestibules, you have more than enough space to store anything you want. Some of you might think that one entrance may not be enough for two people. That is why this tent has two vestibules, one on either side. You will never run out of space. Professionals don't advise putting your personal belongings out there because the shielding is not perfect. For that, we have included storage pockets, which are built right into this backpacking tent.

You can also use these vestibules for lighting fires for cooking food. Professionals don't recommend doing this inside the tent because the accumulated smoke can cause breathing and fire hazards. So, you can use a vestibule to eliminate that risk. Most tents don’t offer this feature, and you will appreciate it.


Although manufacturers have already established this freestanding tent to be good enough to survive in all weather conditions, you must also consider other factors. Take the poles, for example. They can break easily, in most tents, due to them being lightweight. That has been the case with popular tents, such as the Zempire Zeus hiking tent. We have designed our poles to be as durable and sturdy as possible.

The manufacturers made up the tent walls of a 20D nylon fabric. It will not get torn, no matter what you do. They designed this nylon for super light tents. It does not compromise on durability and has better tear resistance than other products on the market.

They made up poles in this tent of aluminium, which means lightweight and highly durable. They designed these poles to take a beating; there can be instances where they can break. That is why we have included pole sleeves inside the package, which can help repair the pole without any issues in emergencies. Competitors save costs by not including stuff like this, but customer satisfaction is our top priority.

The tent floor is the part of the whole package that is most vulnerable to getting damaged. Whether it be sharp rocks or twigs, it will not get compromised. We have even included a free footprint in the box, which can be settled below the tent, to provide the floor with more protection than ever. So, whenever you settle down to rest, we recommend assembling the tent on the footprint to eliminate any risk of the tent floor getting damaged.


Our tents are perfect for all sorts of applications where a tent is involved. Whether it be mountain biking, fishing or family camping, this lightweight tent is ideal for everything. With all accessories included in the box, you will not have to worry about not setting the tent up, no matter the place you take it to.

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Star River 2 - 1.9kg Ultralight Hiking Tent - Grey