Mongar 1.6kg Ultralight Double Tent - Integrated Edition
Mongar Ultralight Hiking Tent    The Mongar ultralight hiking tent is our all time favourite for campers and hikers alike looking for...
Cloud Up 2 - 10D Ultralight Hiking Tent - Light Grey
Cloud Up 2 10D Ultralight Hiking Tent    The Cloud Up 2 10D Ultralight Hiking Tent in Light Grey is our new addition...
Cloud Up 2 Ultralight Hiking Tent 1.4kg - Light Grey Upgraded
The Cloud Up 2 Hiking Tent - Light Grey Upgraded The Cloud Up 2 Hiking Tent - Light Grey Upgraded is one...
Mongar Ultralight Hiking Tent 1.9kg – Purple
Description Mongar 2 Hiking Tent - Lightweight, durable, and easy to pitch, this hiking tent provides 3-season livability for 2 hikers and...
Opalus 3 Hiking Tent - Green
The Opalus 3 Hiking Tent - Green The Opalus 3 Ultralight Hiking Tent Upgraded is one of our new addition for the...
Mongar Ultralight Hiking Tent 1.9kg – Green
Mongar Ultralight Hiking Tent Mongar 2 - Lightweight, durable, and easy to pitch, this freestanding hiking tent provides 3-season livability...
Cloud Up 3 Ultralight Hiking Tent - Green Upgraded
The Cloud Up 3 Hiking Tent - Green Upgraded The Cloud Up 3 Hiking Tent - Green Upgraded is one of our bestselling...
Opalus 2 Hiking Tent - Green
The Opalus 2 Hiking Tent - Green The Opalus 2 Ultralight Hiking Tent is one of our new addition for the category...
VIK Series Single Ultralight Hiking Tent - Light Grey
VIK Series Single Ultralight Hiking Tent   The VIK Series Single Ultralight Hiking Tent in Light Grey is our new...
Cloud Up 2 Ultralight Hiking Tent 1.7kg - Amber Upgraded
The Cloud Up 2 Hiking Tent - Amber Upgraded The Cloud Up 2 Hiking Tent - Amber Upgraded is one of our bestselling lightweight hiking tents for...
Speedy 4 Hiking Tent
Speedy 4 Hiking Tent   Hiking Tent for 4 person across 3 seasons, the Speedy 4 lightweight hiking tent (P-Series tent) boasts 2...
Speedy 3 Hiking Tent
Speedy 3 Hiking Tent Hiking Tent for 3 campers across 3 seasons, the Speedy 3 lightweight hiking tent (P-Series Tent) boasts 2 doors...


Enjoy browsing through our range of quality & field-tested tents, including the best selling hiking tents Illumina X - in Amber and Forest Green. We offer tents with high quality & thoughtful construction without the high markups you often see elsewhere. If you are looking to go for an overnight hike in the rugged outdoors, or camping in one of the amazing National Parks, or camping in a regular campsite within a National Park, whether it’s in the summer, rainy season or snow falling terrains, or a high wind area, shop our tents that include a range of easy to pitch, high waterproof, freestanding, 1-man, 2-man & 3-man, 3-season & 4-season tents. They are engineered & designed to make your outdoor adventure trips the best that you can make out of them.

Tent related terms & definition

3-season tent
3 season tent is generally referred to as a tent designed for use in spring, summer, and fall. These tents are designed to be lightweight and to protect from rain and wind. The build is typically designed to provide as much ventilation as possible.

4-season tent
4 season tent generally, a four-season tent a shelter that, despite the name, is normally used only in the winter. Snowy conditions or areas of very harsh wind are prime locations for 4 season tent usage. These tents are built to protect from snow, snow buildup, ice, hail, and high winds. The walls are often built entirely mesh free, instead using polyester or nylon to trap in some body heat and block out gusty winds. 

Freestanding tent
A freestanding tent can hold its shape on its own without needing to be staked out. These designs receive their support from included tent poles and can be picked up and shifted around camp without going limp.

Packed weight
The packed weight of a tent is the total packaged weight of all the parts it is shipped with. This includes absolutely everything. From poles, rainfly, and tent body to stakes, footprint, and guy ropes. On top of this, it also includes the bags that are provided and any extras you get.

Minimal trail weight
Refers to the combined weight of the tent body, rainfly (if applicable) and tent poles, but not any of the other items that may appear in the package, such as tent stakes, guy cords, stuff sack, etc. By this definition, if your tent comes with guy cords attached, you’d need to remove them before weighing the tent to determine its true minimum weight.

Waterproof rating
The waterproof rating refers to the pressure that water is able to press through the tent fabric. It does not refer to the thickness of the fabric or the coating. This means that a PU3000mm rating is fabric that can sustain 3,000 mm of water on top of the fabric before the water will leak through.

Tent footprints, also known as ground cloths, or groundsheets, are simply a barrier between your tent bottom and the ground. A footprint is highly recommended to make your precious lightweight hiking tent last longer - Among a variety of uses, it protects your lightweight hiking tent from damage by sticks & stones on the ground where you are pitching your tent. The footprint we offer is high quality & is custom made to go with this hiking tent. However, our tents itself are made to go without footprints for your lightest hikes!

Shop today for ultra fast delivery to your door. Enjoy 1 year warranty on all our tents & wetsuits, plus 30 days hassle-free returns as a testament to our confidence in our product quality & durability. Whether you’re a hiker in the backcountry or mountains, solo camper, family camper, backpacker, touring cyclist, stargazer, or just an outdoor adventure enthusiast in general, these tents are your choice of accommodation & shelter in the rugged outdoors & we’re confident you’ll be happy with your tents, just like thousands of our customers did. 

We also have a collection page specifically for a broader range of hiking tents and ultralight tents, plus other hiking gear & camping gear. We know that for outdoor adventure beginners, choosing the right tent may sometimes be difficult. Should you ever find yourself unsure of which tent to purchase, do not hesitate to contact us! Our friendly customer service can assist.